Ablauf und Anforderungen

If you are interested in my digiArt paintings, please email me at tierzeichnungen@gmail.com

You email should include

  • Your name and address
  • Your perceptions like size of picture, colors, arrangement and whatever else you want to be considered.
  • a brief description of the animal I am supposed to paint e.g. name, character, preferences etc. because that makes my work more easy.
  • a deadline If you have any
  • photos of the animal/animals. Please send me a larger variety. The more details I can see the better will be the result. If you are in favor of a specific picture tell me!


Requirements on the photos:
The photos should be sharp and the animal should be clearly recognizable. The more details I can see the better will be the result.  I can only draw, what can be seen on the photos. Regarding portraits focus lays on the head of the animal. Eyes, countenance and facial features have to be clearly recognizable. Minimum size is 800 x  600px. Please do not try to maximize size by yourself. Best size of pictures is that one, your camera or smartphone saves on the device without any additional manipulation.

After screening your photos I going to tell you if it is possible to draw a digiArt painting and considering your desires and I will give you an imagination of the period of time it will take to complete the work. You´ll get the invoice attached to my email. Please note that up to 200€ I only work with prepayment. For prices more than 200€  – I am going to take a deposit of 50%. After completing the digiArt painting you will get a preview. This is the moment you have still influence on the painting and you can express last small corrections and changes. In the moment you are satisfied, the picture will be released for printing.

Here are some examples of my work. Basically I do not just copy the photo. Instead of this I independently want to draw a painting, which reflects character and spirit of your animal. You benefit is my long experience as a professional photographer. I realize technical “mistakes” and can effectively correct them in my paintings.